Can Dogs Be Vegan?


Vegan diets are often touted for their human health benefits, which includes a reduction in obesity rates, heart disease, and diabetes. However, do these benefits transfer over to the canine world? Can dogs be

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Can Dogs Drink Milk?


The question of whether or not your dog can drink milk does not have a simple answer. While some dogs can ingest and digest milk just fine, other dogs may experience very adverse effects.

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Can Dogs Eat Persimmons?


Persimmons are sweet fruit that are season during the autumn months. Though not a particularly common food, persimmons are brightly colored and about the size of a tennis ball, which makes them a tempting target

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Can Dogs Eat Tuna?


As omnivores (or carnivores, depending on who you ask), dogs can safely consume a variety of food. If left to their own devices, it’s safe to say that dogs will eat almost anything if

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Can Dogs Eat Cheerios?


Good news – dogs can eat cheerios! In fact, dogs love cheerios as much as children love candies. The not-so-good news, however, is that Cheerios are not nutritious for dogs. Although a once-in-a-while treat

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Can Dogs Eat Oranges?


The thought of a dog eating fruit may seem a little strange. The laws of nature dictate that carnivores and fruits cannot mix, but with dogs anything is possible. The diet of dogs has

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Can Dogs Eat Black Beans?


Descendents of wolves, dogs were among the first animals to be domesticated by humans. However, unlike their carnivorous ancestors, today’s domesticated dogs have a bit more liberty in their diet. Dogs can eat a

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