Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream?

Many people are into the habit of sharing their food with their dog. However, even though we love to share with our pets, the food that we love to eat may not be so good for our dogs. You might love having whipped cream on top of all your desserts and drinks, but, generally speaking,  you should resist the urge to share it with your dog. Whipped cream is very high in sugar and fat and is not healthy for dogs.

Whipped cream is very high in sugar and fat and is not healthy for dogs.

Can I feed My Dog Whipped Cream?

While a small amount of whipped cream is not necessarily harmful to your dog, a large quantity could cause stomach irritation. These effects may be stronger if your dog has an intolerance or an insensitivity. Whipped cream is a dairy product, and most tiny dog breeds and adult dogs experience lactose intolerance.

The high sugar content in whipped cream is also a concern. The excessive consumption of sugary treats could increase your dog’s risk of developing diabetes. Whipped cream and many other dairy products are high in fat, which can cause numerous health issues including arthritis, heart problems and obesity. Your dog could also develop dental cavities if he or she consumes too much sugary food.

In conclusion, whipped cream is meant to be consumed in small quantities by both human beings and pets alike. Therefore, you might want to think before you stop for that “Puppuccino”.


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