10 Giant Dog Breeds


Dogs come in all sorts of sizes, from the Affenpinscher to the Newfoundland. The term “giant dog” has no official classification standards but is generally used to refer to dogs that weigh more than

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10 Hound Dog Breeds


Hounds are popular dog breeds that are well-known for being athletic and having a great sense of smell. Here is a list of some of the most well-known hound breeds.

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German Dog Breeds


If you know your dogs, then you know that Germany is home to at least 20 dog breeds. Some of these breeds make for perfect hunters and guards with their ferocity while others are

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Do Border Collies Shed?


Border collies are one of the most loved dog breeds on the planet today, and it’s no wonder why. They are cute, extremely intelligent, and highly athletic. As furry dogs, border collies have thick

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What is a Mongrel?


By definition, a mongrel or a mutt is a dog that belongs to two or more dog breeds. In some cases, a mongrel will also be called a mixed-breed dog. As you might have

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