Border collies are one of the most loved dog breeds on the planet today, and it’s no wonder why. They are cute, extremely intelligent, and highly athletic. As furry dogs, border collies have thick fur that is crucial for survival in cold places. With such a thick coat (it is actually a double coat), you would be within your right to think that border collies shed a lot. And, in thinking this, you would be correct.

Border collies, like all other dog species, shed throughout the year. The question then becomes “how much do border collies shed compared to other breeds?” The answer to this question is: a lot more than most dog breeds. In spring and in fall, the shedding is usually increased.

Reasons for Border Collie Shedding

Shedding for border collies – and for all dogs really – is a natural process that gets rid of older hair and allows for the growth of new and healthier hair. You can think of shedding as a self-repairing mechanism of the coat. The process is affected by a number of factors such as hormonal changes that usually come with the seasons. Another factor is the time spent by the border collie outdoors. Think of it this way, the fur increases during cold seasons as the body adapts to reduced temperatures and vice versa. If the collie spends a lot of time outdoors during the summer, its body will adapt by getting rid of hair faster.

Management of Border Collie Shedding


Luckily, owners of this breed have perfected the art of managing the shedding. The first step in winning this war is by feeding the collie a diet that strengthens the hair follicles.


This tip involves both brushing and washing the fur of your collie frequently. Brush the fur for at least three times a week for maximum effectiveness. Washing should be okay once or twice every month. Use a soft hair brush that will not hurt the dog and brush along the grain of the coat. By doing this, you also ensure that you remove any parasites that may be causing excessive shedding. Grooming may also involve the use of hair brushes that blow air at high speeds. The air usually gets rid of dead fur quite easily.


Border collies are highly energetic dogs that prefer a lot of exercises. In fact, it is estimated that border collies need a couple hours of exercise every single day! Ensuring that your border collie has plenty of activity is a great way to make sure that their overall health stays intact, which will help take care of the overall quality of their coat.