Can Dogs Eat Garlic?


Some of us just humans start drooling if we ever see or even smell garlic. It seems like all of the world’s most delicious food has some garlic added to it. This smell is equally

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Can Dogs Eat Eggs?


Eggs are eaten by billions of people around the world as part of a healthy and fulfilling diet. However, does this mean that eggs are safe for dogs? As it turns out, the answer

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Can Dogs Be Vegan?


Vegan diets are often touted for their human health benefits, which includes a reduction in obesity rates, heart disease, and diabetes. However, do these benefits transfer over to the canine world? Can dogs be

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Can Dogs Drink Milk?


The question of whether or not your dog can drink milk does not have a simple answer. While some dogs can ingest and digest milk just fine, other dogs may experience very adverse effects.

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Can Dogs Eat Persimmons?


Persimmons are sweet fruit that are season during the autumn months. Though not a particularly common food, persimmons are brightly colored and about the size of a tennis ball, which makes them a tempting target

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