Descendents of wolves, dogs were among the first animals to be domesticated by humans. However, unlike their carnivorous ancestors, today’s domesticated dogs have a bit more liberty in their diet. Dogs can eat a variety of foods, but does this include black beans? The answer is yes, dogs can eat limited quantities of black beans.

Yes, dogs can eat black beans in limited quantities. 

Nutritional Value of Black Beans

Black beans are ranked highly among foods when it comes to the nutritional value, both for humans and animals. They are loaded with proteins and potassium which are all good for the development of strong bones and the reduction of chronic disease risks. Black beans also contain vitamins that boost your pet’s immune system and blood sugar regulation.

How to Serve Your Dog Black Beans

Like any other food you feed to your dogs, moderation is essential. The best way to serve your dog black beans is by incorporating them into other dishes. It is important that you avoid raw black beans as well as black beans with spices. To prepare them for your dog, soak black beans overnight then cook them plain. You can mix them with meat, rice or vegetables. Black beans can also be served in small amounts on their own as a snack.

Moderation must be exercised when you feed your dog any member of the legume family. Too many black beans can be rough on your dog’s stomach, causing them to become bloated and to pass gas. Raw black beans can be dangerous for your dog as they can block the digestion tract or even choke the pet, especially if the pet is tiny or a puppy. To avoid a situation like this, it is advisable to mash up the beans before mixing it with something else.