By definition, a mongrel or a mutt is a dog that belongs to two or more dog breeds. In some cases, a mongrel will also be called a mixed-breed dog. As you might have already guessed, the connotation of the word “mongrel” is not all that positive. The name has come to be associated with negative things because most people believe that dogs of mixed breeds do not make good pets. This doubt probably originates from the notion that you cannot really tell what a mongrel’s characteristics are if you do not know their parents. However, this is just an argument too general to be applied to the 150 million mixed breeds worldwide.

Advantages of Mixed-Breed Dogs

First, mixed breed dogs do not belong to any dog breed. For this reason, you are sure that the outward appearance of a dog is going to be unique, unlike pure breeds that adhere to general outward appearances. Look at it this way, it is extremely difficult to see two mutts that look the same.

A mixed breed dog is also a great option if you are working with a limited budget as they are cost-friendly to acquire. In some cases, you will see this friendliness extend to maintenance costs. For example, some mixed-breeds will have a higher tolerance for some diseases, which may increase their lifespan. However, there are some pure breeds that also have higher natural tolerances toward diseases.

Disadvantages of Mixed Breed Dogs

The very thing that makes mutts so great to own is the same thing that makes them a risky choice for dog owners. As you may have guessed, it is their unpredictability. You may end up with a dog that is extremely violent, difficult to handle, and a number of other undesirable things.

If you get a puppy, which is what most people do, you cannot know how big it is going to grow. You may end up with a poodle-sized mutt or a massive dog. Some people use a trick where they look at the puppy’s feet. The size of the feet is directly proportional to the adult size of the mutt.