5 Tips For Training Your Dog Not to Bark

There are many things that dogs communicate through barking. Barking can be playful, or it can be a sign of a threat or discomfort. However, no matter the reason, most pet owners know that sometimes it can just be downright annoying. Fortunately, it is possible to train your dog to bark less. Here are some tips to help get you started.

Tip 1: Teach Your Dog to Bark On Command

Have you ever seen a dog look at its owner first before giving chase to a target? This is a result of command training.which is something that can be applied to barking too. To train your dog to bark less, find a set of consistent words and gestures that the dog will be able to use as a trigger to start or to stop barking – emphasis on the stop!

Tip 2: Be Consistent in Your Training

When it comes to dogs, repetition is everything. Being consistent every day in teaching them to only bark when necessary is the most effective way of ensuring that your dog listens to your commands. With time, a dog can associate certain words, hand gestures, and even facial expressions with a command to cease barking and you will have yourself a very obedient dog.

Tip 3: Distract Your Dog

Distraction is a powerful tool when it comes to dogs. Keeping them busy in situations that often illicit unnecessary barks may be tiring, but it works like a charm. Making them do things like fetching toys keeps their mouths occupied, making it hard for them to squeeze in a bark. Playing with your dog on a regular basis – at least a little every day – also helps ensure that they are getting the exercise that they need and is beneficial to their overall well-being.

Tip 4: Ignore the barking

This is a tricky technique, as it may very well have the opposite effect. Teaching a dog that barking does not bring them rewards by ignoring their barking could be a very effective technique. In order for this to work properly, you should also reward your dog when it is silent.

Tip 5: Never Yell At or Hit Your Dog

Dogs can detect moods in their owners. You may have noticed this when you were having a bad day or going through a difficult time, and your dog kept close and tried to lighten your spirits. Even if your dog’s incessant barking is driving you crazy, yelling at your dog or resorting to violence is never the answer. Acting on this behavior may cause your dog to take a defensive stance and view you as a threat. Not only could this lead to even more barking, but it could also damage the bond of trust between you and your pet. Treating your dog in a healthy way that is affectionate and caring will help them feel more at peace, and will likely result in less barking.

It Depends On You!

Your dedication to training your dog is what matters in the end. Dogs are good students, and all they need is an excellent teacher who knows what they are doing (that’s you!)


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