5 Ways to Spoil Your Dog

Your furry friend has stuck with you through thick and thin, and now you are wondering what you can do to return the favor. While dog treats and toys may most certainly be appreciated, there are other ways to spoil your dog. Here are some creative suggestions!


Just like humans, many dogs love massages. The good thing about dog massages is that you can actually learn how to do it at home without enlisting the services of a professional. Some of the benefits of massaging your dog include an increased bond, and an opportunity to check for any abnormalities on your dog’s body. Other benefits of massages include increasing blood flow, boosting the immune system, and the reduction of stress.


Most dogs love swimming, which is both fun and good for their health. Research has shown that water therapy can have benefits for dogs including providing healing from injuries, weight management, provision of training to athletic canines, and other benefits. If possible, encourage your dog to swim from a young age. Swimming is also great for the two of you if can find a pool or lake that allows dogs and people to swim together.

The Pet Store

We said that these ways of spoiling your dog wouldn’t involve treats – but there’s no denying that a trip to a pet store is fun for all involved. Bonus points if you go to a place where they have healthy snacks that will not cause any health-related issues.

A New Bed

If you think a bed is not a precious commodity to your dog, you are mistaken. Your dog will love you even more after getting a new bed due to the benefits it provides. Some of these benefits include a sense of privacy, increased comfortability, the prevention of injuries, and many other things. A new bed is also easier to clean on your part. Older and sick dogs may need to get special kinds of beds for their joints.

A Getaway

Dogs are creatures of habit. As such, they will not give you many problems if you stick to the routine. However, just like people, they can benefit greatly from the occasional vacation. Lucky for you, a dog vacation or getaway can only be a few hours long, which means that anything new may count as a vacation. However, you can go the extra step and go to a pet-friendly resort where you can relax with your dog for a few days.


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