It’s a well-known fact that humans love the fall season, and what is there not to love? The season that brings us the changing of the leaves is also known for flannel shirts, pumpkin picking, and quality family Thanksgiving time. However, how do our favorite furry companions feel about fall? Do dogs love this transitional season as much as we do?

Fall Fun For Dogs

Fall brings with it endless opportunities for outdoor playtime for dogs. Many dogs love chasing nature’s toys, i.e. the multi-colored leaves that fall down in the autumn season. Dogs are also known to lounge on the natural sofas made from heaps of leaves. All of this opportunity for playtime is definitely a reason for dogs to love fall, as physical activity is important to a dog’s overall health. Exercising is also a great way of strengthening social bonds between dog and owner.

It is also necessary to mention how fall is a great season to take photos of your dog. The fall colors act as a lovely backdrop to get photos of your dog. Fun fact: science has yet to conclusively decide whether or not dogs can identify faces from photographs!

Dogs and Fall Allergies

Even the biggest of fall enthusiasts will admit that the season often brings with it terrible allergies. Unfortunately, these allergies are not exclusive to humans as dogs can also develop fall allergies. Like humans, dog allergies manifest themselves in the form of sneezing, eye infections, hair loss, diarrhea, watery eyes, and skin irritation. Fall allergy triggers include dust mites, fleas, and mold, all of which may flare up in the autumn season.