Should I Share My Bed With My Dog?

To co-sleep or not to co-sleep: that is the question! Whether or not you have a desire to share a bed with your dog, chances are your dog will have an opinion on the matter too. Many dog owners find it hard to resist the whining and howling that a dog may give off when sleeping in their own crate.

More small dogs share their owners’ bed compared to bigger and medium-sized dogs. However, many people allow their dogs in their bed regardless of their dog’s size. But is it healthy to share a bed with your dog? The answer is yes – as long as both parties are comfortable.

Co-Sleeping With Your Dog: Things to Keep in Mind

In general, it is fine to share a bed with your dog as long as you don’t have any health issues that could be brought on by pets. Examples of such health issues include allergic reactions and asthma.

Some owners may find that their dogs twist and turn all night. If you find you cannot sleep with your pet, even if you have no health issues, it may be better if your dog does not sleep with you. After all, not getting enough sleep could negatively impact your health in serious ways.

On the contrary, you may find that having your pet near helps you turn in at night. Some people have reported that sleeping with a dog or any other pet helps with insomnia. In addition, if you are someone who suffers from anxiety, your dog can help you feel safer at night.

Help! How Do I Get My Dog to Sleep in Their Own Bed?

If you have established that it’s best if your dog does not sleep in your bed, how do you go about getting him or her out? The answer is practice and a lot of patience. You have to train your dog that using its own bed is a good thing, which may mean involving presents and treats. In some cases, if you have a big dog, you may have luck with a bigger bed.


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