Bernese Mountain Dog Characteristics

The Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD) is a working dog breed originally from Switzerland. Throughout its history, it has been used for a number of farm-related tasks like pulling carts, companionship, and herding cattle. It gets its name from the canton of Bern in the western-central part of Switzerland.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are well-known for being large, strong, and calm. However, there are many other characteristics unique to this dog that other owners remark upon. Here are some of the most popular traits that are commonly associated with Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Highly Affectionate

Bernese Mountain Dogs are a favorite among families thanks to their high level of affection.

Highly Trainable

Any dog breed is capable of being trained. However, those who own a Bernese Mountain Dog will notice that they may have a particularly easy time training their dog. Bernese Mountain Dogs respond very well to enthusiastic positive encouragement.


Don’t let their size confuse you – the BMD is a classic example of “gentle giants”. In fact, despite their stature, they rank among the world’s most gentle dog breeds.


Bernese Mountain Dogs are playful and can have seemingly endless energy, particularly when they’re puppies.


BMDs are very curious. This, combined with their energy level and hardiness, makes them particularly well-suited for going on adventures!


BMDs are exceptionally loyal, especially to their owners. If you are the owner of one, expect to constantly be reminded of how much they appreciate everything you do for them.


Most dogs are prone to separation anxiety in some forms. While it is not clear whether or not the Bernese Mountain Dog is more prone to anxiety than other breeds, owners should be mindful of not subjecting their dog to seclusion. They may be big, but that doesn’t mean that . BMD can look after themselves!


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