In its natural element, the dachshund (or wiener dog) is a scent hunter who has adapted to hunting, tunneling, and burrowing. It has the ability to hunt animals like rabbits, badgers, foxes, and even wild boar. This habit of hunting badgers is actually the origin of its name, which comes from the German “dachs” and “hund”, meaning “badger” and “dog”.

Dachshunds can have either smooth or short hair and can be longhaired and wirehaired. The dog also comes in a small size with a weight below 11 pounds or a slightly bigger size with a range of 16 to 32 pounds. Regardless of their size, dachshunds share many behavioral traits and physical characteristics. Physically, the dog has an almost comical appearance with an elongated head and large ears. Their bodies are relatively long with short and sturdy legs for support.

Common Dachshund Characteristics


One of the most conspicuous traits of this dog is its playfulness. If you have a dachshund, expect your dog to try to engage you in play at every given opportunity, whether it be when tying a shoelace, cleaning, or more.


Dashchunds are extremely clever animals. In almost everything they do, the dog will use its cleverness to invent new ways of doing things. Watch out, this may mean that they will come up with ways of doing things that are different than yours!


Anyone looking to train a “wiener dog” should be consistent and persistent. The inherent stubbornness of this breed can make it difficult to train.


Dashchunds are outgoing and social dogs. In fact, if they do not receive enough socialization, the breed is known to become agitated. To keep this habit in control, you may want to socialize your Dachshund with plenty of things while young. Take the dog out to meet new people, see new things, and create new experiences.


This is not a dog breed known for being shy or nervous. While this trait can be an extremely positive thing, this may mean that your dachshund could instinctually bark at or even charge at other dogs.


Dachshunds usually bond with one person. Famously, they can be naturally suspicious of other people and of strangers.

Kid Friendly

The dachshund’s small size and kind and devoted personality make them ideal dogs for children. This is strengthened by the fact that they like to be cuddled and carried around. However, it is important to educate children on how to properly carry a dachshund as their backs require extra support.