Choosing a name for your new pet is hard. While some people opt to go for a unique name that makes a statement, other owners would prefer to err on the side of caution and stick to what is familiar. Just in case you were curious, here is a list of the ten of the most popular names out there. Perhaps some of them will appeal to you – they must be popular for a reason!


Many people think that the uber-popular dog name, Bella, comes from the Italian word for “beautiful”. Others suggest that the name was inspired by the French word “belle,” which carries the same meaning.


Max is the type of dog that not only loves the outdoors but is also tough. The name can also mean “the greatest dog” and is short either Maximillian or Maxwell.


Lucy is short for Lucille, which translates to “light.” This name is for dogs that show beauty, gentleness, and elegance.


Bailey is a common name for small dogs, although there is no reason why it couldn’t be fitting for a larger dog, too.


Charlie is one of those classic dog names that works for all types of breeds. For some reason, “Charles” just doesn’t have the same ring to it!


Little Daisy is sure to be a people-pleaser and outgoing. The name comes from the flower dægeseage, which means “day’s eye.”


Following the trend of human names for dogs, the name “Molly” is very loveable. It also just rolls right off the tongue!


Cooper is a very popular name for dogs. It may be able to trace its roots back to the film “Angel Dog,” which features a dog named Cooper.


The name’s meaning is a bit obvious. Buddy is that name you give a dog if you feel like it is a special friend – your “buddy”!


Lola is a great name if you have a dog that behaves like a princess. No wonder it is so popular, as it is an incredibly adorable name.

Naming Tips

The most important rule to follow when you are naming your pet is simple: choose a name that you like! If your name choice feels right to you and your pet responds to it positively, then chances are that it’s the right name for both of you.