Your dog’s name should be a reflection of both you and your dog’s personality. Whether you want your dog’s name to be more serious or silly is up to you – the most important thing is that you’re happy with it. If you’re looking for a bright and sunny dog name that brings joy, check out this list of dog names that are guaranteed to make you smile.

Chew Barka

Calling all Star Wars fans everywhere! While it is tempting to name your dog after a Star Wars character (Yoda, Skywalker, and Vader do all make great names), why not push the boundaries and choose something that is even more creative? Extra points if you name a very furry, vocal dog “Chew Barka”!


If you’re looking for a sweet name for your pup, why not name it after the sweetest substance on Earth?


This one works especially well on small dogs! Oh, the irony.


There is something about the word “pancake” that just evokes joy. Maybe it’s the thought of a warm, fluffy banana pancake with maple syrup on a slow Sunday morning, or maybe it’s because of the fun syllables. No matter what, we think it makes a really cute name for a dog!


Giving pets old-fashioned human names seems to be very in vogue lately, and we’re not complaining. There is something hilarious about a dog with a name that is decidedly intended for humans. Some other examples of such names could be Edward, Agnes, Winston, etc.


Ah, the old “naming an animal the name of another animal” trick. Overdone? Maybe. Wonderful? Without a doubt. Other variations could include Snake, Bird, Squirrel, and Fox.


This cute name can be shortened to “Sarge”.


Remington can be shortened to the adorable and oh-so-French “Remy”.

William Shakespaw

This punny dog name will especially appeal to the literary-minded who want to honor the most famous playwright of all time, William Shakespaw. To make it even more wonderful, there’s a nice little double entendre in there too – Shakespaw, get it!?

Virginia Woof

While we’re on the topic of dog names inspired by writers, we would be remiss to not mention the classic dog name, Virginia Woof.


It should be clear by now that we are big fans of double meanings. This name is especially great if you’re a Harry Potter fan, as you could name your dog after the wizard himself! Otherwise, it’s just amusing to name a hairy dog Harry.

Bill Nye

Do you love science? Why not name your dog after one of the world’s most famous scientist – one who undoubtedly entertained you and your classmates for years in science class!


This name is about as sophisticated as they come.


You don’t have to have a love of potatoes in order to use this name. It makes a short and catchy name on its own!

Peanut Butter

While we’re on the topic of food names, why not name your dog after one of their favorite foods? Warning: if you use this name for your dog, they may always think that you’re about to offer them a treat.


Ok, last food-inspired name, we promise! This nickname for cucumbers is also a cute nickname for dogs.


We said no food names, but technically, this name doesn’t have to be after food! You could also be naming your dog after the island of Java in Indonesia. Either way, it makes a cute and bouncy name.