Let’s be honest: naming a pet is hard. While you don’t want a name that is too popular, you also don’t want a name too obscure. While some people may opt for a funny pet name, there are owners who prefer to give their pets a name that is serious and distinguished (human names for pets, anyone?) Here are some tips to help you name your dog. 

What Does Your Dog Look Like?

When you think of a dog named “Bandit” or “Rocky”, what do you think of? You wouldn’t be alone if you think of a large dog. On the other hand, a dog named “Angel” or “Sweetie” may conjure another image of a very small dog in your mind. Taking a look at your dog’s appearance and giving them a name based upon it is definitely an option, especially if your dog has any distinguishable characteristics. On the other hand, you could always give your small dog a very tough sounding name, if irony is what you’re going for!

Look to Celebrities For Inspiration

You may have considered naming your dog after a celebrity, but have you ever thought about naming your dog after a celebrity’s dog? Some celebrities have great pet names. For example, there’s the Obama family’s dog Bo, or Adele’s dog Louie. Naming your dog after a character is another option. If you love Shakespeare and his works, you can borrow some of the names used in his work like Brutus, Caesar or Romeo.

Consider Your Dog’s Breed

Just like us humans, each dog has a different heritage. You could always look at the origins of your dog’s breed for naming inspiration. For example, if your dog has German heritage, like a German Shepherd or a Dobermann, consider the name Koch. If it has French heritage, like a Poodle or a Basset Hound, consider a name like Pierre or Guillaume.

Think of the Sounds Your Dog Likes

Dogs know their names. If you want your dog to recognize their name faster, you can consider giving them a two-syllable name with consonants. Dogs respond well to names that are short and catchy.

Keep Nick Names In Mind

No matter what you end up naming your dog, keep in mind that you will most likely resort to using nicknames with your dog anyway! Choosing a name with a good about of nickname possibilities can help shorten the process.