Just like a person’s name forms part of their identity, a dog’s name serves a similar purpose. In fact, names are just as personal for dogs as they are for humans. Even though we’re not here to judge you for whatever name you choose for your companion – if works for you, who are we say that it’s not great – there are a few names that are just inappropriate or downright confusing. We thought we would share a few of those names herein, on the off-chance that it helps you on your difficult naming journey!

1. Stay

One could easily mistake this dog name for the title of a song about heartbreak, and would you necessarily blame them? There are other problems with this name aside from its melodramatic connotations. Imagine a situation where you want your dog named Stay to go fetch something for you. What would you say to it? “Stay! Go!” This is far too confusing.

2. Sit

Another discombobulating name for a dog is “Sit”. Calling your dog a name that is a command will likely leave your pet more confused than happy. Whatever happened to the old days of giving dogs easy names like Tommy or Simba?

3. Killer

Another terrible name to give your dog is “Killer”. Even if your dog is so fierce that it can go to war and return unscathed, naming your dog Killer just sounds bad. Dogs are the universal symbols of cuteness and calling them dangerous names is a disservice to them.

4. Dog

Yes, it is a dog. Yes, it barks and chases after its tail and barks at passing cars. How much more obvious are you trying to get your point across by naming your dog Dog? We can only imagine that the day will come when dogs will rise against humans and such names will be the trigger for their revolution.

5. Puppy

Puppy has to be the laziest name anyone can give their dog. It’s all cute calling your dog Puppy when they are little but what happens when they grow up to be the size of a small calf? Irony is so 2012.

6. Woof

Humans are supposed to be the most intelligent species on earth, but somehow someone finds it a great idea to call their dog “Woof”. Dogs are supposed to be the ones saying “Woof” – not humans!

7. Cujo

Cujo was the name of the dog in Stephen King’s 1983 horror film “Cujo”. For the uninitiated, the film stars a dog that was bitten by a bat and started attacking humans indiscriminately. Is this really an example that you would like to set for your dog?

8. Max

Ok, we will just come out and say it: Max is an overused name for a dog, and it is time to retire it permanently. Walk into any residential area and shout the name Max and 100 dogs will perk their ears up and come running at you.

9. Buddy

You are extremely close to your dog. We understand your affection. However, calling your dog Buddy is just not that cute.

10. D.O.G

Abbreviating it in 100 different styles will not change the fact that calling your pet dog D.O.G is still calling your pet dog “Dog”. Just please, find something more creative! We believe in you. You can do it.